Saturday, January 31, 2009

Music Teacher

As what I have shared last time, I love music though I don't have a degree in music yet I was trained to do it and was able to use it to train and help others too in my own simple way.

A decade back I was chosen and hired as a music teacher in one of the known schools in Bacolod, that was our city in the Phil. Others won't agree but because I had the skills, the head of the department and the principal made me qualified to do the job because I'm an Education graduate so that settles it!

I had also given an opportunity to train gymnasts because they wanted to prove something that I can do it. By His grace, for the first time in our school that we went to a higher level of competition though I'm not capable of doing it. I just challenged my gymnasts and that's it, they won! Would you believe that! For me, I find it awkward to be their coach but because it was given to me, I have to do it! They won because of positive words and encouragement that I shared to them everyday.

I was also given a chance to train and coach lawn tennis players. Again, that was not my forte and I don't even know how to play but again, words of encouragement gave life to the players, so they won again. Amazing, right?

Anyway, that was part of my life as a music teacher. To be continued....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Privilege

Last year I had the privilege to share my God-given talent to some churches in the Phil. I was asked to train a 100-voice choir for the 50th Anniversary Celebration of a Bible Institute. It was just small but many people in the mountains were being ministered to.

I went to different places and trained those who are willing to join and by His Great Help everything was done. The final presentation was held in the school near the church but only 80 voices joined the said event.

Many were blessed by the testimonies and activities were done for 2 days. Everyone enjoyed and have fun because right after the presentation of the Thanksgiving celebration there were prizes at stake. So everyone has something to bring home.

Thank you Lord for that blessed opportunity to minister to people especially those living in the mountains...

Music Lover

Music is part of my life ever since I was young. I love and enjoy music. When I was about to step in the higher level of education I took an audition offered by the institution to the students who will be qualified and joined the scholarship program. By God's grace I was chosen and became a Glee Club member and that started my musical journey.

We have had many concerts inside and outside the campus. We had hectic schedules to the point of going home around 12 midnight after our practices.

There were times that we missed classes because the college wanted us (THE CHORAL GROUP) to join NAMCYA (National Music Competition for Young Artists). It's a national contest, so we need to give time for our practices.

After all, we were excused and during the contest that was held at CCP Manila, we garnered 2nd place out of 13 contestants with 13 different regions nationwide.

A memory that I could never forget. We look like Batang Negros that time, yet we were able to be 2nd on top. I had good memories when I was still in college. How about you? Hope you have had good memories too...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Giving Birth Experience

Giving birth is not as easy for most women. Though others had less difficulty in it. It takes a willing heart and desire to carry the baby for nine months. Taking care of the baby in the womb is amazing yet fulfilling.

I had been through this experience and when I gave birth to our second son something happened that I could never forget. For me, it's not easy, my bag of water had already burst and I was induced twice and spent 36 hours in the labor room. I was chilling and had a high fever. Then after those awaited nights that I was struggling, my doctor told me that I need to prepare for within 10 minutes, they will do an operation. Amazingly, AJ came out within 8 minutes. That's why we call him a "Miracle Baby." Even my doctor was amazed but we honestly say, it is the Lord's. He knows the best.

When AJ came out, he had high fever too, so he was given an antibiotic for his one week medication. Then he survived! Amazing, right?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Childhood Memory

When I was a child, my parents used to go to the beach near our place. That's why I love beaches. We usually enjoy the cool,fresh breeze and wanted to swim in a blue, cold beach. There's a feeling of coolness when we stepped on the water, it's so cold, sometimes the water is green. We could see the fish swimming.

There were times that my nanay (that's how we call our mom)or tatay (our dad) would lie down in the sand and we would cover them with the sand. Just imagine, only their face were not covered. Because old ones believed that the sand of the sea were helpful and boost their health. So we always did that everytime we went to the beach.

That's one of my memories that is still fresh to my mind until now. We really had a lot of fun, sometimes we played in the water. After playing, we were very hungry, we ran to Nanay and ask something to eat. Often times, we ate "ibos" the delicacy of our place with our injan mango fruit, fresh from our tree planted by Tatay.

It's nice to remember and reminish the past.
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