Monday, January 26, 2009

Giving Birth Experience

Giving birth is not as easy for most women. Though others had less difficulty in it. It takes a willing heart and desire to carry the baby for nine months. Taking care of the baby in the womb is amazing yet fulfilling.

I had been through this experience and when I gave birth to our second son something happened that I could never forget. For me, it's not easy, my bag of water had already burst and I was induced twice and spent 36 hours in the labor room. I was chilling and had a high fever. Then after those awaited nights that I was struggling, my doctor told me that I need to prepare for within 10 minutes, they will do an operation. Amazingly, AJ came out within 8 minutes. That's why we call him a "Miracle Baby." Even my doctor was amazed but we honestly say, it is the Lord's. He knows the best.

When AJ came out, he had high fever too, so he was given an antibiotic for his one week medication. Then he survived! Amazing, right?

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