Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Memory of Fantasy World

We've been to this place just a couple of days ago. After our retreat, we had fun in this fantasy world. Everything was fun and we enjoyed a lot especially the kids. It's good we had not been to this place before - I had not been here when I was a child, so I also enjoyed, lol! It's nice to be out of work for quite sometime. You will forget the hazzles and dazzles of life for a while.
Thai people call this place Suan Siam City (Suan means garden or park). Although it's Songkran in Thailand but a lot of people came to this park and enjoy all the rides, and the adventure that it provides in a reasonable price because we were staying in their hotel. So we paid less.

It's fantastic and amusing...

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  1. wow ka nice...visit kami jan..he..he..te may tag ako sau


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