Friday, September 11, 2009

A Memory that Lingers

Today is a memory that lingers to all of us. Not only for the bereaved people who had a traumatic experience during the 911 event but for all of us, who had been affected by this big unforgettable event.

It's almost 9 years that it happened. But the memory is still fresh in our minds and had a part in our hearts. What would be our role as mankind? What would be our part as individuals? Maybe, questions would come to our mind, but God has the answer. Everything has a purpose and everything under heaven has a plan, we may not know exactly, but the Master Planner knows, He knows what ahead of us, because He knows the future! He is Omnicient and Omnipotent!

This is the kind of memory thatwe never forget and keeps reminding us that we can't hold our future nor the things that will happen....

A tragedy that could never be forgotten....

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