Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pretty Flowers

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Flowers are everywhere. Everyday we could see flowers in the countryside, inside the hotel, in the church, and anywhere. I like flowers, it gives color and beauty to life. I took a lot of different pictures of flowers and I enjoy sharing it to my friends just like you.

When God created the universe, flowers are formed and created too. It gives beauty to the world we live in. God cares for them too as He cares for us His creation.


  1. Hi Princess, did you do the flower arrangements? Flowers do come in different sizes, colors and shapes, isn't that a wonderful thing?


  2. YOu have a couple of really nice flower photos! Such pretty colors

    ... See the "snow and more snow"

  3. Hi Sarah! Yep you're correct! Without flowers the world seem empty and without beauty.

    Lovely collection! have a nice day!


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