Monday, January 25, 2010

A Pregnancy Blog and more

Since I'm preggy, I surf about pregnancy and the baby. And this blog speaks about it. Mom's Conversations has it. She gave instructions on what to get rid of stretch marks after having a baby and some health tips as well. She just simply tell you what to do and the tips. She has a lot of things to say about pregnancy and the baby.

Her blog is very informative and she writes clearly and she called her new blog Bueno. She also writes about health tips and how to treat hemorrhoids, a very known disease, she encourages to do the easiest way of treating a hemorrhoid discomfort. A well- balanced diet according to her is necessary to avoid this kind of disease and other diseases as well, living a healthier life is always the best for her and she highly recommends. And more so, eating more fruits and vegetables could help, she added.

This blog has more to share, you can visit Bueno and learn more about health tips, pregnancy and the baby. A new but interesting blog, check it out.

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