Monday, February 15, 2010

A Post Valentine Greetings

Valentine's Day has gone. A day before yesterday, we celebrated the HEART'S Day. A day to celebrate and share love to our loved ones. Although, everyday is a celebration for lovers and couples but then, Valentine's Day is something to cherish a day to celebrate.

Here in Thailand, people were busy not to celebrate Valentine's day but to keep busy for the Chinese New Year. Chinese people could be seen anywhere in the stores, buying a lot of things especially changing many things in their homes. We saw a lot of them buying things for the house like electric lights and other things needed for a change. For them it's the same as New Year, for those who have a lot of money, they wanted to change everything inside the house for the New Year. But for those who don't have enough to spend, they can live without it, without changing anything inside the house. Chinese people are quite rich and have enough to spend, so that is their way of changing things every year.

Valentine's Day, however, is a day for most lovers to celebrate this special occasion. They were busy buying chocolates and flowers for their one and only. They were so excited to spend whole day with their lover. Anyhow, for all my blogger friends I would like to say... Belated myspace graphic comments


  1. belated din te...looking forward to see some Chinese New Year pics!

  2. hhaa.. I am chinese but I am not rich, I tend to keep the thing there the way it is when spoil only change


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