Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Great Occasions

I remember our christmas party last Dec. with other friends here in Hatyai. It was an enjoyable night for all of us, though we were only few but we enjoyed a lot.
A friend gave a message through doing an advent, it's quite a different way of celebrating christmas. Most of us experienced it for the first time, it's simple yet the true meaning of christmas was there.

We had also a kind of exchange gift that is different from what we expected. If you're watching us you will really enjoy. That was also a different kind of exchanging gifts. It's nice to have friends who knew other kinds of gift giving or exchanging gifts. It's fun...

After which, we had played a lot because my sweetie introduced different kinds of games for everyone to enjoy. We had really a lot of fun. We ended around 11 pm. I could say that all of us gave the best laugh to the fullest without any reservation. That was a great and enjoyable occasion for all of us present.

I just remember because Valentine's day is coming soon and couples are having fun most especially the singles who have someone special. It's a time of showing love to everyone.

Anyway, advance happy valentine's day to all

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