Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Crystal Designs

Last time I was sharing about my crystal designs and how I started doing it. And as I continue making designs I discovered a lot and enjoyed doing it.

I was able to earn when we were in the Phil. last year. What I did at first to promote my finished product was to wear it and show it to my friends especially during occasions. Then later, I shared it to some of our friends anywhere we went, then my finished products were sold one at a time. Not many were asking at first because for them, it didn't if they have or not. But when they saw me wearing it or from others, that's the time they were interested to order.

It takes time at first of course because I didn't have enough promotions. Sometimes, though I would push some of my friends to order and pay later or either within a month or two. But it helps than nothing at all, right?

Sometimes, during occasions, I gave it to some of our friends as a gift. It's also good if friends will tell other friends and gave their order, I find it interesting if I have many orders, at least I'm doing good and feeling great!

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