Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making bracelets

Few years back I saw a lot of my students making bracelets and other stuff. It's all for girls' thing. I like their style, so I take a look and pondered to make one for me. I asked them where I could buy those things, then later I was able to make one. At first, I didn't like my own style because it's first time for me. Then later, as I keep on trying and making designs, I had made a better one for myself. But it takes months for me to have a job well done.

Making bracelets are boring at first but when you put yourself into it, you will find yourself enjoying of what you are doing. That's what had happened to me. Few months later, I made it using swarovski crystals. It looks better and attractive. I found myself working till 12 midnight just to finish what I have started.

The next few months, I was already earning and it helps me feel better. I usually wear one that I've made and my friends would ask where I bought that thing. I told them I made it myself, so they asked me to make for them too. That was the start that I earned from my bracelets hobby. Until now, if I have time I make it a point to make and send to my family back to Bacolod for them to sell.

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