Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Making a Badge Button for Blog

I won in another contest today, yeheyyyy! I didn't know at first but I was glad that Yami in Mom Writes for a Cause gave a message on my blog. Now, I've got a problem because in one of my awards I need to have a small button for my blog to be exposed to other blogs. I couldn't sleep to think of it. So I checked the other button that I made few months ago at His Unfailing Love, it's quite hard because I almost forgot how to do it. But anyway, When there's a will, there's a way as what the saying goes. So, I kept on trying for a couple of hours and here it is. Yes!!!! I made it. You can try it too. Just check Quackit for more information about making a button.

At first, it looks like this...

Comment Box

My picture from Photobucket and looks like this

My Memories and Crystals

This is the final link. I love these links above. They really helped a lot and it's faster than ever.

My Memories and Crystals

Now I'm ready for my link to be shown to others. I'm happy and satisfied that I've got my own button. I'm also glad that I won in Her and History contest today.


  1. Mommy Sarah, Congrats for winning the 2nd prize on genejosh 1st ever blog contest. :)

  2. Hello Sar, I tried to do that but only the picture ang lumabas wala yang scroll bar mas importante pa naman yung code para malagay ko sa mga blog ko.


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