Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Memories

When we went back to the Phil last August, we had good time together with my sisters, nephews and nieces. We spent time just for fun or other things that would make us laugh and enjoy. We took photos and went anywhere we want. We ate, visited friends and relatives, mall visiting and a lot more. That was our time together, enjoying each time together and spending quality time together with the family. Although our niece passed away but we kept busy working together.

We also visited our relatives - especially those that we had not seen many years ago. We rode on a boat while sharing our experiences when we were still young, whether good or bad, in tears or in laughter and we laughed together. We just laughed at our unhealthy behavior and told our nieces to be loving and caring to each other. We also told them to keep on doing good and serve the Lord more.

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