Thursday, June 11, 2009

Food Trip Friday # 1

When we first came to Thailand, we're shocked by their food because it's not only spicy but it's very very spicy. A lot of times our kids were crying everytime we ate. After few years we learned to love it. For now, spicy is very delicious. If the food is not spicy, for us, it's not tasty anymore.

Here's one example of Thai food. You can choose either noodles or bihon with seafood, chicken, or vegetables like morning glory (kangkong), sprouted beans with a yummy chili... It's really delicious!!!

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  1. back in college,I was lucky to host a foreign delegates from Thailand, and yeah,lahat ng dala niyang food,ang anghang even the instant mami.
    Good for you that you learned to appreciate it na.and your photo is so enticing.:)
    Thanks for joining. :)

  2. Mmm, Prnncess Sarah, I don't have opportunity to eat Thai food, but the vegetarian option would suit me down to the ground. Your food above looks so fresh and healthy. I've had miso; is that Thai? I enjoyed it very much but cannot get it in South Africa. Thanks for visiting my blog.


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