Saturday, June 6, 2009

Increased PR

I had been sick of thinking of my PageRank, why? Since I involve myself in the blogosphere, I desire for more ranks and I wonder why others have higher ranks, I mean their pagerank is higher than mine. Then I thought maybe sometime later I will have the same. But it's almost 6 months now that I joined but I still have the lowest rank ever. So I did some google search the other day and today I'm glad that I saw it in another blog, it is all about SEO experiment on how to increase PageRank. Wow, this is timely because I really desire this one. I also found out that sites that paid bloggers look for higher PageRank. I guess, this really could help.

For those who are still searching or looking for increased PageRank, try linking on the logo below and start connecting. I am already in.

Increase your PageRank


  1. I don't know much of that because I'm not a paid blogger.I have been hearing with that from my paid bloggers friends,too.Thanks for sharing.^_^


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