Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Blue Crystal Pearls

Last week I started making this blue with white pearls bracelet. Supposedly, I can finish it for few hours but because I was sick, I stopped making it and started to finish it this week. When I was still young, I was madly in love with the green color - when I get married I was attached to blue because my hubby loves blue.

While I was making this bracelet, I was thinking of having one for my myself because it looks so cool and cute as well, though it's simple but it looks nice when I started to wear it. As what I was mentioning, this is one of my outlets every time I felt bored of doing something, I immediately think of making a bracelet or a necklace if I have extra amount to buy for the materials. I need to save some amount for the materials alone - so I can't do it always.

I'm always excited when my friends will ask for the price and the more excited if they will order, lol! At least I can earn something even for small amount. I'm still on my way to make the prices online. I'm just trying some techniques in order to post the list of prices. Of course it's not so cheap but not also expensive. I was using quality materials like swarovski crystals, rice pearls and crystal pearls. I really enjoy making it.


  1. Te your designs are really cool very creative hope to have one of them!!! bring me some sample so i can show to my co teachers!or we will visit you maybe next week!!

  2. WOW ang ganda nmn ng design mo, I never try to do this but i think I will love to try it. tc always and thanks for dropping in my page.


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