Friday, July 24, 2009

My Favorites

Since I started making designs I had my own favorites. I mean, there were designs that I like most. It's quite easy and cheaper than swarovski crystals. These are rice pearls. I have friends who were working abroad and they bought some of my designs to sell for their friends and others who wanted to buy. At least it's cheaper and attractive, lol! for my eyes only...

Although other friends like swarovski crystals but these are some of my favorites. I'm still praying for a market either around our place or beyond the corners. It's my prayer that the Lord will just send someone to help me just at the right time. It's not so easy these days to have a good market, people will buy what they need first then later if there is extra they can buy what they want. I do hope that the Lord will just bless this little business of mine. I also wanted to bless others through this gift...


  1. You have a great talent. I sooo love the pair of earrings in your last photo :) I'm a big fan of pearls :)

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    i find a store that helps talented people like you sell handmade products online..hope you'll check this out..he..he...


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