Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is Like a Vapor

I' m still sick of thinking that our niece (the daughter of my younger sister) is already with the Lord. We were shocked last Saturday when we heard the news from the Phil. She's been sick before but she was healed amazingly by the Lord. Last Saturday I wrote it in my other blog about what had happened.

We felt sad and grieved the first time we heard but we are assured that she is now in heaven with the Lord. I had sleepless nights thinking of the happenings. Life is like a vapor, it will just pass away, we didn't know our future but we know who holds the future...

We need to go back to the Phil and be with our family during this time. Because of this happening, we were reminded to be on guard and take time to do His will and follow His commands. That life is nothing without the Lord.


  1. hi ate...cya ba yung niece mo na na kwento mo sa amin sa prayer gathering natin??condonlence ate..are u going back home??


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