Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Gift to a Friend

I had promised my friend Litlit to give her a gift made of swarovski crystals. Just imagine I told her to give this last December on her birthday but I failed to finish, so bad. But I'm glad that I was able to finish it last week. I always tell her please wait!!! And she would usually say, never mind, don't worry - it will be done! Don't be in a hurry! Now, I can happily say, yes, I did it! I'm done!
It took months to finish because the crystals are not enough, she like the blue one and I bought it in the Phil. I coul not find it here. So I decided to put pearls in the middle. At least, it looks nice. I just hope she likes it.


  1. how nice of you to give your friend gift:) thats really beautiful.

  2. wow! very nice...

    Yes, ate I was approved by payperpost last month but so far 1 pa lang ako opps..have u tried buyblogreview and socialspark? dun ako nagkaroon ng more than 1 opps...

  3. Wow you're very talented.. Where do you buy the swarovski crystals.. I know its very expensive...

    Thank for the visit, hope u can visit again..

  4. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ater sarah, You melt my heart! God bless you! And thank you so much for your generosity. You've blessed me so much this year. Sure enough, God has wonderful and amazing blessings to you and your family soon! Smiling while reading your post...God bless you more and more!


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