Monday, May 25, 2009

Pink Crystals Design

I started making this design the other day. I put a silver lock with special beads at the back. I started to enjoy looking at my pink designs and learned to love it. Before, the only color that attracted me was green. But now, I'm learning to love pink, it's sweet and nice too. A lot of my friends like pink especially my sister. For her, everything is pink in her house, her things everything around her. Most of her things inside the house pink is obvious. For me, green is life so I like it. That's why my eldest son's name started with Emerald (my motif during my wedding was emerald green). So you see, up to the name of my son Emerald came out. That's how I love green so much. But then, it changes a bit this time, pink is cute and sweet. Now, I like it. Hope you like this design too.


  1. my favorite color is pink and red! love the design too..

  2. oh its so so cute. I love pink obviously. hehehe


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