Friday, May 15, 2009

The Secret of Giving

Giving is hard for me at first. When I was still young, my sisters would always tell me, the money will cry if I will spend a penny with my friends and families. Maybe because we are not used to give when we were still small and I followed what my relatives had said before, "why give when you don't have enough?" That's true in world's point of view but in a biblical sense, it's really different. You need to give even if you have nothing to give, ( except your life ). Wow! That's an interesting topic, huh!
But I remember, when I was still young that our father would give something to our neighbors if they would ask from him. Anything they asked our father will give even if we don't have he will find some ways to help. As years passed, I have learned to give, my sweetie would always remind me to give and give and give...
Now, it's easy for me to give, and I enjoy doing it now. We love to give and bless our friends and family. Even though we don't have that much, because we believe that if we give and bless others we will also be blessed. In giving comes blessing... And we had experienced a lot already because we gave. And we have that joy within. How about you? What can you say about it? Anyway, give and be blessed!


  1. God bless your heart! God will never forget HIS rewards for you and your family.

  2. pretty mom sarah hehehe..GOD BLESSED YOU ALWAYS.

  3. Hi Sarah, its true "its better to give than to receive". Everytime I give something to others, God will immediately give it back to me in two folds... But you're right, minsan kasi pag wala din tayo, it is so hard to give. But we can always give something...Prayer!


  4. Thanks for the visits sarah... Ragards nd have a blessed sunday!

  5. Amen!:)

    Te, about diay sa ebay..nka register ko pero wla gyd ko kagamit ky wla mn koy baligya..hahah! try to ask Bogie ky ga baligya mn na cla sa, cya ang expert diha..:)

  6. Beautiful post. What a blessing.


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