Friday, May 8, 2009

My New Layout

Yesterday I joined the free blog makeover by Femikey and we were able to connect with each other by giving comments on our blogs. I was so glad that she was able to decide that I will be the winner for just a small span of time. Maybe it's really my time to have it, yeheyyyyyy! Thank you Fe for choosing me as the winner! You can view my old layout design on top. I like green the way it is. And she makes it so fast and amazing!

This is my new layout, and my crystals are really obvious below the template header. It's very unique. You can contact Femikey anytime if you want to have a new and fantastic layout based on your desire and the way you like it! Just visit Femikey's site for more details.


  1. HAPPY mother's Day ! Stay blessed as you continue your journey of this chosen noble career- being a mother

    Mother's day here is on August 12

  2. I actualy like your old layout...


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