Monday, May 11, 2009

Pink Summer Blog Contest by My Pink Shoelace

My Pink Shoelace  My Pink Summer Contest
I won a contest last time and was chosen to have a new blog makeover. You can see it here in this blog. While browsing the other day, I've found again another contest with Genejosh. She joined the contest and I was encouraged to join too. Hoping to!

Anyway, My Pink Shoelace is having a contest and giving great and fantastic prizes. The contest started last April 21st and will end on May 31st. She will give the prizes the next day right after the end of the contest on June 1st. Wow! This sounds great and exciting! What do you think, wanna join? You can visit My Pink Shoelace for more details.

Here are MPS's Great of Friends. Visit these sites and enjoy.
Here are the Fabulous Prizes to be given:
1st Prize: My Pink Shoelace Teddy Bear
4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Doi Speaks
4,000 entrepoints courtesy of Soloflight Ed
One 125×125 ad for one month on Doi Speaks
Web Art by Chocorico of Live Love Laugh and Fly

2nd Prize: A wrist watch courtesy of Michy of Days Under The Sun
3,000 entrepoints from Bena:
Fabulously Cheap and Chic!

3rd Prize: A pink Hello Kity
USB Flash Drive 1GB
2,000 entrepoints from My Pink Shoelace

4th Prize: A My Pink Shoelace cellphone dangle and
1 Keychain from Singapore (Taking it from the souvenir box of my travel.)
1,000 entrepoints from Chocorico of Live Love Laugh and Fly
500 entrepoints courtesy of My Sonatas

5th Prize: 1 Keychain from Singapore,
1 keychain from Macau,
from My Pink Shoelace (Taking it from the souvenir box of my travel.)
and 1 keychain from Cambodia (courtesy of Doi Speaks, taking it from her
souvenir box of her travel.)
500 entrepoints courtesy of My Restless Feet

Fabulous prizes!!!!!!!! right?

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